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With the holiday season upon us, it brings up a host of feelings regarding giving and getting, wanting and needing, and our relationships with material goods. It’s ok to want stuff; just as it feels good to give stuff and get the satisfaction of seeing someone’s joy at a gift you gave them. The key for me in keeping it all in check is examining my motives behind wanting to give or get something. If I want a new pair of skis because I think it will make me look more cool in front of my friends, perhaps it’s not the right reason to get new skis. Or if I want to give someone a present because I think it will make them like me more, maybe I should re-think. But giving and getting is awesome, and now’s the time to celebrate that and do it in the right ways! It all comes back to that old adage, “it’s the thought that counts,” and the more thought I put into giving and getting, the better it seems to work out.

Speaking of wanting things–how awesome are these? I mean, seriously.

click the photo to go the NYT article and read more.

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  1. James Ryan says:

    Thanks for pointing these out. Interesting.