Summer, Tahoe

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These are two things that really go together well, and I have been enjoying both so far since my ski season ended at the beginning of May. Since having my Achilles surgery two years ago, I have pretty much been skiing non-stop for two years, and it turns out that binding a weak calf up in a ski boot is not optimal for gaining back muscle. So that’s my project for the next few months–trying to “beef” up my calf if you will, as well as various other adventures and many RD&D trips with The North Face. There’s been a few dunks in the lake so far, pretty cold but here Colby demonstrates that it can be refreshing at that temperature, some biking (pictured is a view from the Flume trail and looking back at good old Squaw Valley from Western States), and lots of good times with friends. Hope you’re having an awesome summer too!!




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