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  1. Matt Rink says:

    Hi Ingrid,

    Please excuse the late hour, I am just catchin up with alot of smaller tasks, but can you please e-mail me your address that you check fairly regularly. I have some kind words for you that would be more appropriately conveyed in a “private” e-mail.

    Matt Rink

    P.S. Thanks for picking up my skis multiple times on High Boy; I owe you another shot.

  2. Ingrid, you’re great! I love watching you skiing! But, I’m sorry – your website sucks. You deserve a better one. Anyway… thank you:)

  3. dores says:

    Hi Ingrid

    just to say hallo to you and give you my congratulation for the sport!

    Art Curator

  4. Great Show at Squaw.

  5. Abbi Ness says:

    Hey Ingrid,
    I’m a young skier, and i have seen some clips of your skiing and you are amazing!!! I also have a brother who is super good, and i enjoy skiing with him. I really want to get like good like you. And advice?? Would be awesome to hear from such an amazing skiier like you( who is also a girl)!
    Abbi Ness

  6. Abbi Ness says:

    You are my idol, you are the best skiier i have EVER seen!!! I’m 14 and skiing is my passion, I want to get better and grow as a skiier. I have been skiing for nine years. I just need some advice from an expert, girl skiier:) Thank you!
    Abbi Ness

  7. Schuyler Hazard says:

    My name is schuyler hazard and i’m 13 year old girl skier. I’ve been skiing for 12 years, and i was wondering if you could possibly mentor me/ help me out.
    My email is: schuylerhazard2@hotmail.com

    Thanks, you’re my idol!

  8. Andrew Bain says:

    Thought I saw you out in Chamonix this evening in the sports bar, apologies for staring!! Hope you had fun out here. X

  9. Amanda says:

    You inspire me~
    I hope someday we get to ski together.
    Thanks for being awesome!

  10. Hi Ingrid,

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  11. Bella Lawrence says:

    HI Ingrid! I am 14 years old and I love to ski. You are seriously the coolest, and I love watching you ski. I would love some advice on how to get better / things you did to get where you are now. My email is bellalaw@comcast.net .
    Thanks! (and again, I think your hella awesome)

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