Crystal Mountain

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It really is one of my favorite places to ski. I just got to go there for Christmas , which was a treat as they got a bunch of snow the night of the 25th. I love it for the nostalgia–I have so many great memories of growing up there-but also because there’s just good terrain, period. Funny how different (and filled with potential) stuff looks there now to me. When I was, say, ten years old skiing around here, it was simply too huge to comprehend. It is still pretty huge! But just as friendly and fun as ever.

Looking back towards Throne peak from the base of the King.

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Merry Christmas!

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Hope it’s snowing where you are, or that you’re soon headed to where it is snowing. Cheers! (my Mom, Dad, and Ralph–pictured here–say MC too.)


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With the holiday season upon us, it brings up a host of feelings regarding giving and getting, wanting and needing, and our relationships with material goods. It’s ok to want stuff; just as it feels good to give stuff and get the satisfaction of seeing someone’s joy at a gift you gave them. The key for me in keeping it all in check is examining my motives behind wanting to give or get something. If I want a new pair of skis because I think it will make me look more cool in front of my friends, perhaps it’s not the right reason to get new skis. Or if I want to give someone a present because I think it will make them like me more, maybe I should re-think. But giving and getting is awesome, and now’s the time to celebrate that and do it in the right ways! It all comes back to that old adage, “it’s the thought that counts,” and the more thought I put into giving and getting, the better it seems to work out.

Speaking of wanting things–how awesome are these? I mean, seriously.

click the photo to go the NYT article and read more.

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Well, it seems like at least here in Tahoe we got a bit preemptively excited about winter and now we’re experiencing a lull of sorts in snowfall. I am extremely fortunate that my family lives in Washington so I got to go there for Thanksgiving–great food and family time and amazing skiing at Crystal Mountain. The coverage there already for the season is insane. Hopefully it’s snowing where you are; if not, here’s a little video by The North Face from their ski team last season to keep you occupied and stoked in the meantime.

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The Denali Experiment

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My friend Courtney, ripping!

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This is not skiing, but it IS ripping–just on a mountain bike. I have had this video for awhile, but just found it again and figured you might enjoy it!  Courtney rips on skis, too.  :)

Courtney NSTAR

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Japan has been at the top of my list of places to ski for the last several years for the alluring combination of deep powder, pillows and trees, and fascinating culture.  Oh, and the food.  And the monkeys that sit in hot tubs!  (Didn’t get to see them this time but here’s hoping there’s a next time…)

So, I was thrilled to be a part of a Giro team trip there a few weeks ago.  It happened to be with Jen Hudak, Mike Riddle, and Justin Dorey–some of the best pipe skiers in the world who also just happen to be bona-fide ripping pow skiers as well, and of course super fun to hang out with.  It was a short trip and one of those where the first day we arrived I was already starting to plan how I could get back.  Thanks to Giro, the skiers, the awesome crew, and the inimitable Chuck Platt for a super fun trip!

These are called icefish…if you look close you can see their eyes!  Yikes.  Jen and I figured we would be sporting and cultural so we tried them, and I was floored to find they were actually kind of tasty.  All that raw ginger on top didn’t hurt.

You always hear about the incredibly efficient public transportation in Japan; this was definitely not an example of that.  But somehow being a total foreigner who doesn’t understand the language and is expected to not ‘get it’ makes you feel like doing silly things just because…!  Jen ‘gets’ that.

Ooooooh!  The payoff for 2 days of travel was that we arrived during a sweet storm, and our main man Mitch from Black Diamond Lodge (we were in Niseko, staying in the town of Hirafu, FYI) took us right up the hill to this zone on our first day.

I love grocery stores in any country, but the Japanese ones were like a curiosity shop.  Here, have a weenie!  Or a winny, you pick.

Sunrise over the volcano Yotei.  Mitch said it is a sweet ski run in the spring–with a view like that the early start wouldn’t be bad at all.

The thrice-daily stops at convenience stores, filled with unusual and tempting treats, were thrilling until after a day or two you realize that, um, even if it’s a novel Japanese convenience store, you’re still eating food from a convenience store.  Although they did have the best apples (a sort of cross between an Asian pear and a Granny Smith, they were some of the best apples ever!), and some pretty good cold soba noodles.  And the cans of coffee in the HOT vending machines…I maybe had too many of those.  :)

We got to ski these pillows in amazing powder–it’s right next to where Dane Tudor skied The Stairway to Hell pillow line.  I could not begin to tell you how to get there, because Mitch blindfolded us every day before our 2 hour drive to the secret zones.  Not really, but for all the crazy roads and mind-boggling stuff to look at on the way, he might as well have!  It’s somewhere between a forty minute  to a three hour drive from the passport office in Sapporo is all I can tell you.

I know what you’re thinking–you’re thinking, “Do those go all the way up?!”  The answer is yes.  Yes they do.

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artsier than me

Posted on May 1, 2010 with 3 Comments

I know little about art except that I like looking at it; Seattle is a great place to do that.  I recently checked out the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Garden, near downtown Seattle.  The Garden was waiting patiently on my to-see list ever since I heard about it, but I was confused and thought it was something you had to pay to do, and therefore wanted to wait until I was off crutches to get full value out of.  Turns out it’s free and outdoors, and awesome!  Thanks to my friend Gareth for the nudge.

Seattle will always reward you if you can tolerate a little moodiness now and again.

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here’s what happened…

Posted on April 24, 2010 with 2 Comments

I wrote a post over at the ESPN ski blog explaining how I got hurt…don’t worry, I’m healing quickly and on the way to being back sooner than later.  :)

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summer thoughts…

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just thoughts, at the moment….but enjoying the thought.


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